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I had a great experience with MapleStory
« : enero 07, 2019, 02:41:39 am »
Last thing I want to mention is that Maplestory for kicks I decided I will give it a try for the hell of it as it releases and MS2 Mesos is happening. Should be a fascinating experience to see how this new game name will be like compare to the original. Also the fact that I am still playing games and work myself reminds me that my Maplestory encounter was a stepping stone in discovering my passion ]

I played in 2005 because I was about to go into university and it quickly became a part of my life and a distraction from real life. Just like you I was ashamed to say just how long I'd spent on the game (and cash!) , and I also got hacked about four years into playing. This was what caused me to step back in the game and spend more time focussing on myself, including studying for my exams, getting a job, getting healthy and spending time. Finest thing I ever did now I have a partner that was beautiful, a job and time spent doing hobbies I love. But, I do not completely discount the time I spent MapleStory as I left some wonderful friendships that formed into IRL friendships (two friends I meet quite regularly here in the UK) and we talk, years and years later after we all continue played together.

I had a great experience with MapleStory I can not even start to describe it. I started when I was around, 12 (in the time I had only left RuneScape and that I was looking for something new) And it helped find so we became good friends, men and women who played with it. After moving back to my state of origin, I was a bit after being out for so long, so I returned into MapleStory but this time the friends I made were virtual. I was a DJ. I met with some of the people on there and I can not thank them enough for being buddies with me at a time I was lonely.

Trust me fully understand you, I had been that kid that is same. I began playing maplestory back when I was 10-12 do not remember but me and my neighbor use to spend hours enjoying the game. I didn't feel tho, on the contrary I wish I could go back I moved back into it after huge bang and it wasn't the same.

I quitted about lvl 75 hermit the game's component was gone everybody just wanted to mill. One lived there was no way for me buy nexon cards she bought me personally $20. The point is I was not the cool kid at college but I wasn't depressed either, the experience as you said made me who I am today and showed me that Official MapleStory 2 Wiki my real friends are and it stinks that your walnut encounter ended so badly but these moments you spent were a 1 time thing and trust me that escape from truth sometimes was better than the shitty play in real life. Also original post here ever on kotaku take it easy .