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2K desires a community supervisor
« : enero 07, 2019, 02:39:32 am »
We have a few more hairstyles, but still no tattoos and we were restricted to utilizing the hit-and-miss face-scanning tech or utilizing one of those scanned templates. While the players looked a little more realistic, sometimes, the options were significantly limited.This is a style that primarily caters to offline modes like MyGM and MyLeague, therefore it's not one of the sexier options like Park and MyCareer, but there's still a loyal and hardcore fanbase for its franchise modes. Together with better CAP alternatives, that fanbase will remain happy and NBA 2K MT might just endear the modes to some other group of fans.

In a bid to distinguish ball-handling skills between bigs and smaller players, 2K left the former group a bit less sure-handed. It is safe to say that has been overdone. You cannot throw a pass into some large in the lane that needs him to make a difficult catch.Almost without fail, he will be stripped or the chunk is going to be dislodged from a bulge. It is pretty annoying and unrealistic. Hopefully, the bigs get better hands in NBA 2K19. Maybe the palms rating can be better used. It should impact how well a player holds onto the ball after a bump or poke, and also how well they capture moves --particularly difficult ones.

Fans didn't use to need to pay to get haircuts and tattoos in MyCareer, but that changed in NBA 2K18. While it doesn't irritate me to refrain from buying such items, a fantastic percentage of this community was bothered with the cost added to these cosmetic upgrades.Because it did not cost earlier, it makes sense to keep these upgrades free--especially considering how much a hot-button issue in-game currency has become in gaming.

Last but not least, 2K desires a community supervisor Twitter. Chris Manning aka LD2K used to man this place before he left the firm earlier this season. He also Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K the digital advertising manager were an excellent combination. No other sports match needed a duo of socially accessible figures to be a symbol of their game.