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Sin Categoría / DemonForums Database leaked in February 2019 - Free Download
« Último mensaje por molms Ayer a las 03:49:13 pm »
On the 20th of February 2019, the hacking forum Demon Forums suffered a data breach. The compromise of the MyBB forum exposed 52k unique email addresses alongside usernames and passwords stored as salted MD5 hashes.

Compromised data: Usernames, Passwords, Emails, Socials, DOB, IP Addresses, 2FA Auth Tokens


Download 2

The data is valid and match.

Compressed: 6,90 MB
Uncompressed: 136 MB
Sin Categoría / Dropbox Database leaked in mid-2012 - Free Download
« Último mensaje por molms Ayer a las 04:16:32 am »
In mid-2012, Dropbox suffered a data breach which exposed the stored credentials of tens of millions of their customers. In August 2016, they forced password resets for customers they believed may be at risk. A large volume of data totalling over 68 million records was subsequently traded online and included email addresses and salted hashes of passwords (half of them SHA1, half of them bcrypt).

Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords


Compressed: 436 MB
Uncompressed: 977 MB
Sin Categoría / Money Exchange Center - Exchange Perfect Money, Bitcoin or WebMoney
« Último mensaje por molms mayo 18, 2019, 12:21:51 pm »

Money Exchange Center is a simple way to exchange money online using diferent services.
Currently it supports transfers from/to Perfect money, Bitcoin and WebMoney.


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Televisión (TV HACK) / Re:Investigando TOTAL PLAY (aportes semana a semana)(Fotos)
« Último mensaje por kiori_ogt mayo 17, 2019, 08:07:59 am »
Amigo Default podrias ayudarme con mis puertos o ip publica
Web Hacking / Email SPAM Prank 4.0 (Public HTML Version)
« Último mensaje por molms mayo 17, 2019, 06:45:53 am »

Email SPAM Prank is a tool to send a large amount of emails to one email.
A user just need to write the target email and hit enter. Instantly the target email will start receiving spam emails.

There is a paid version that sends more than 20.000 spam emails.

Download the Public HTML Version

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Programas Originales / Brave Browser - Install and make money
« Último mensaje por molms mayo 15, 2019, 02:24:32 pm »

Brave Browser is a chromium based browser that pay you money while you browse the internet. Basically it removes ads and substitute for tokens that pay webmasters and reward users. The rewards are unlocked after 30 days of using Brave Browser.

Browse up to 3x faster
Block ads & trackers that follow you around
Get paid for using the browser

Visit & Download
Televisión (TV HACK) / Re:Investigando TOTAL PLAY (aportes semana a semana)(Fotos)
« Último mensaje por Wolf-Razo mayo 15, 2019, 02:21:28 pm »
Hola que tal, hace unos dias compre 2 decodificadores totalplay pensando que si los conectaba a mi modem de totalplay podría acceder a canales ahorrandome asi 2 pantallas y no pagar el servicio jaja, pero las cosas no salieron como pensé, al conectar el decodificador me salio un mensaje en la pantalla que dice "Error de Aprovisionamiento"  codigo: -1 tu dispositivo no esta registrado en totalplay (direccion mac del decodificador) comunícate al centro de atención a clientes. en teoria pienso que totalplay al momento de instalar el decodificador da de alta la direccion mac de cada decodificador asi al no coincidir y conectar otro dispositivo simplemente te da error, no se si alguien pueda ayudarme a darlo de alta obvio sin que totalplay me cobre cada mes otras 2 pantallas, o que me puedan ayudar a cambiar la direccion mac del decodificador, de ante mano gracias por sus respuestas.
Televisión (TV HACK) / Re:Investigando TOTAL PLAY (aportes semana a semana)(Fotos)
« Último mensaje por defalt0 mayo 15, 2019, 11:53:51 am »
¿Alguien más necesita ancho de banda, canales o IP Dinámica?  :o

Básico / Hacxx Denial of Service - A continuous HTTP DDOS tool
« Último mensaje por molms mayo 14, 2019, 11:40:56 am »

Hacxx Denial of Service was developed because the original tool "HTTP Query Tool" had a limitation. The limitation was that running in a continuous way will make the system slow down and the browser will hang up. This new version called "Hacxx Denial of Service" fixes the limitation of continuos queries and doesn't take a lot of system resources. In most computers it will run.

To take down a server the attacker should share this tool with his/her peers and all of them must run the program at the same time, generating lots of traffic to the site.


Virus Scan (10/60 - Plenty of False positives)
General / Hacker-Link Website (Updated 15-01-2019)
« Último mensaje por molms mayo 14, 2019, 01:48:36 am »
The Hacker-Link Website is a static page with hundreds of hacker related communities links.

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